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Automating your business processes is essential in giving you more time. It also means you can respond quicker to your customers and deliver a higher level of service. Happy customers tell others and creates more referrals to your business.

Whenever a perspective client or existing customer contacts you an automated response even if it is not the exact answer, keeps them happy. Many automated emails are sufficient in converting prospects into clients or at least bring them closer to signing up. There are so many ways to Automate Your Business Through Club Manager Software

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Clubmanager has loads of functions that intergrate into your website or If you dont have a website, we can build one for you! check out the interactive Membership Sign Up that makes an offer, the client books / pays for it and is automatically given access to join classes. Some more integrations are the Timetable gives members more details on what the classes are, who is running them and if the classes are full. They can reserve their spot and it all feeds into your club managment software. 
There are many more integrations that will definately give you more time and you never miss a lead, a booking or a sales prospect.
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"Best thing we have purchased and done for our business"

David Rowe

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Peter Dewbery

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Jordan Gill

"Why use anything else?"

Matt Bradney

Clubmanager looks after my Dojo... My students... Thats why I love it.

Peter Mylonas
Kempo Ryu Karate

We love Clubmanager not only because the power of the software but also the versitlity

Oliver Gilmartin
Core Climbing Gold Coast
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